Neil Miller


Vaccine Efficacy and Disease Protection

MYTH: Vaccines are Effective
*Did you know you are not 100% protected (not even close) from any virus you are vaccinated for?  "Vaccines provide temporary immunity and sometimes vaccines fail to provide even temporary immunity for some individuals. Because vaccination does not exactly mimic the immunity produced after natural infection, which is often longer-lasting or permanent, booster doses of vaccines are often required to extend vaccine-induced immunity." Example: You get the Flu shot and still get the Flu. 

*Did you know that diseases and deaths were naturally declining BEFORE vaccines were introduced?  Vaccine manufacturers would like for you to think it was their doing, when really it was the progression of healthier lifestyle practices, sanitation, and education.

*Did you know that 1 in 5 children who get vaccinated for whooping cough still get the disease? 

*Did you know you can still get any of the diseases you were vaccinated for?  In a 2010 mumps outbreak, 77% of the people were vaccinated. 

*Did you know that viruses are always mutating and changing.  NATURE WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY.

*Did you know that only 13 of over 90 strands of meningitis are covered by the vaccine?  When you hear of a meningitis death or illness on the news, they do not report whether it was a "vaccine preventable" strand. 

*Did you know that vaccines can actually CAUSE the diseases they are meant to protect against?  "For instance, in the Merck, Sharp and Dohme LTD product information for HIB vaccine, it states: ‘Cases of Haemophilus B disease may occur in the weeks after vaccination’, and in Lederle Hibtiter information sheet, ‘Cases of HIB disease, although rare, may occur after vaccination.’ This is known as ‘PROVOCATION disease’, i.e. disease caused by vaccine.  Live vaccines are more likely to pass on the disease to their recipient or his close contacts, as the viruses are excreted in urine, faeces and saliva for up to 3 weeks after each shot.  The polio vaccine was changed from the live oral vaccine to part of the injectable, killed 5 in 1, because the only cases of polio in western countries were caused by the vaccine." 

*Did you know the vaccine-induced immunity lasts only 2-10 years?  That’s why they have begun pushing boosters.

*Did you know that the vaccine industry is pushing to have adolescents receive multiple booster shots because "adolescents are left needlessly exposed to serious diseases that can cause immediate and irreparable harm"? Wait...if the shots are so good, why are they left exposed?  *notice at the bottom of the this webpage who is supporting the site 

*Did you know that booster shots raise immunity again for up to 2 years?  Then antibody levels return back to what they were before the booster.  So...guess what the CDC will do?  Add more shots, of course!

*Did you know that if you contract the “wild” virus instead of being vaccinated, you are immune for life?  No need for constant, useless boosters.
"They say that if children are not vaccinated against measles, millions of children would die in an epidemic. This is nonsense…I cannot remember a single kid in any of my classes who was seriously injured or died by getting measles. Like almost all my classmates, I contracted most my childhood infectious diseases and have lifelong immunity…In fact, most deaths seen when measles outbreaks occur in the U.S., occur in children in which vaccination was contraindicated or children with chronic immune suppressing diseases. The big secret among ‘vaccinologists’ is that anywhere from 20-50% of children are resistant to the diseases for which they’ve been inoculated.”  Dr. Russel Blaylock

So What Can I Do To Prevent Diseases Without Taking Vaccines?

*First, you have to realize that health DOES NOT come from the end of a needle.  "If we have wiped out...childhood diseases with vaccines – why are so many of our children stuck on sick?" ~Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center Co-Founder and President  

*Did you know that babies receive immunity from their mothers in the first few months after being born?  God developed a system for them to be naturally protected.  Vaccines actually SUPRESS the natural immune response and cause a reversal in the natural response technique (T1 and T2). 
Pregnant mothers pass immunoglobulin antibodies from their bloodstream, through the placenta, to the fetus.  After birth, the newborn has high levels of these antibodies, and those who breastfeed continue receiving antibodies.  This “passive immunity” helps prevent the baby from developing diseases and infections.  Mother’s milk contains all 5 antibodies and is formulated perfectly for newborn needs and development. When babies are six months old, their antibodies will finally produce at a normal rate and will no longer be dependent on the passive immunity.  However, breastfeeding for longer than 6 months has huge benefits.

*Did you know vitamin D is one of the best supplements you can give your body?  It helps decrease the likelihood of many diseases.  The RDI is extremely low.  You should take 1,000-4,000 IU daily.  This has been very underreported on the news; of course, this is not a drug that can be patented and sold by the pharmaceutical companies....
*Did you know your local health store has a surplus of natural remedies that aid your body in boosting natural immunity?  Echinacea blends, zinc, and colloidal silver are some of my favorites. 

*Did you know that if you eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables, limit meat products and take daily supplements you can increase your immunity?  Caveman and Mediterranean Diet....Not Standard American Diet of BK and McDonald's!  Also, drinking lots of healthy fluids (unfluoridated water) is necessary to assist your body in functioning properly. Your weight divided in 1/2 is how many oz. your body needs a day to function properly.

Moms and dads are standing firm, resisting pressure from White Coats to vaccinate. They have done their homework and they are not frightened by the so-called “vaccine preventable diseases”. They are finding caregivers who support their decisions, leaving behind the pediatrician whose primary purpose is to give shots on a schedule decided by medical bureaucrats. Parents are embracing the fact that children can be healthy with plenty of sleep, ample exercise, clean hands, fresh water, good quality food and vitamins."  ~Dr. Sherry Tenpenny D.O. 'The MMR Vaccine is Not Holy Water'