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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I Created This Blog

This blog has been created out of concern for the welfare of my friends and family, who may not be educated on the vaccine industry and its implications on our lives today and in the future.  There is an overwhelming amount of information available to parents today, and some of the typical websites looked to for guidance (AAP, CDC) are not unbiased as they may seem. 

I was uninformed about vaccines when my first was born and had him vaccinated through 6 months.  I distinctly remember when we were in the hospital and the nurse asked me if I wanted to vaccinate for HepB.  I said, "Yes. Absolutely...I want him protected."  All the while, I was pridefully thinking in my head what a good parent I was being and wondering who wouldn't get their child vaccinated.  They must be completely irresponsible, uncaring, idiotic parents.

I now look back on my previous thoughts and realize I was the one who was uneducated and irresponsible.  I accepted a vaccine for my child, not knowing what was in it, what it was suppose to protect against, what the side effects may be...nothing.  I blindly allowed them to shoot toxins into my one day old child, precious and perfectly made by God himself.  When my chiropractor informed me of some vaccine facts that are easily dismissed or covered up, I was shocked and concerned.  Since then, I have spent the last few years researching the matter. 

While I could have easily decided not to share this information with others, and keep my vaccine decisions to myself (since it is such a taboo subject,) I could not bear the thought of what could happen if I didn't.  I could not live with the guilt of watching someone close to me suffer with the possibilities of vaccine-injury, when I knew I had facts I could have shared and possibly spared them. 

Does that mean I am an anti-vaccine pusher?  No.  My goal is to educate parents so they can make a decision confidently, being fully aware of vaccine issues not commonly discussed.  I completely respect the decisions others make regarding their children, just as I expect my decisions to be respected.  My only hope is that parents will spend the time to look into these matters.  After all, we spend 10 months researching baby items, names, room colors, etc., can't we spend a few hours reading up on the subject of vaccines that could determine the future of our children, as well as ours?

I am raising 2 healthy, unvaccinated children and am seeing the effects of the sudden rise in learning disabilities and neurodevelopmental issues in the children around me...being a former teacher and now as a full-time child care provider.  Here are my own statistics.

Out of the 10 children I have cared for in the last 2 years:

*4 out of 10 are on the autistic spectrum
*6 out of 10 have slight to severe speech delays
*2 out of 10 suffer with muscle impairment
*2 out of 10 have chronic asthma
*3 out of 10 had delayed feeding abilities, resulting in gagging and vomiting
*6 out of 10 have eczema

The only category that my children fit into is the eczema, which is genetically passed down from me. There was only one other child who fit into just one category.  The rest fit into more than one category, with one child fitting into five of the above categories. This is just a small portion of children...yet the effects are evident. 

For more information on the vaccine topic, I highly recommend Neil Miller's book.  It goes into detail about each disease, the risks of the disease AND risks of the vaccine.  It is filled with statistics, studies, more than 90 charts, graphs, and illustrations, and fully referenced with over 1,000 scientific citations and sources:

Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners: Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection by: Neil Miller

This is another AMAZING site with all facts referenced with the original studies/articles.

I could never begin to cover all the information on vaccines or pull up all the sources available, so please understand this blog is not all-inclusive!  The sites referenced on my blog are an extremely small amount of the information available today in books, scientific journals, and websites.  Here, you will find just the tip of the iceberg.  Follow the money and you'll find more answers....

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